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Adventures in potty training

There is nothing about potty training that is not deeply in the frenzy. I wish that I could write a post of all the secret tricks to make potty training ridiculously easy. I'd definitely share that information if I had anything like it. All I can tell you is how incredibly unsuccessful we were. Not for lack of trying different things. We tried. We failed.

I already talked about how we got to the point of giving up on cloth diapers. But even when you have disposable diapers you still need to use a mountain of wet wipes to try to remove the excess material left stuck to your little angel that is sweetly smiling at you saying "I pooped in my diaper". Your heart sinks knowing all to well the task that awaits. It's not the first time they sweetly smile at you and utter that phrase. You're excited the first time. You feel like this is a sign of progress. Something to indicate the end is nigh. No, it's the 10,000th time... That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it feels that way.

You start gently, suggesting that you may want to try using the potty. Then you start to get a bit more desperate. We went to bribery fast. Giving candy, control of the TV, YouTube videos, etc. all for a few drops of pee in the potty. This is a missed opportunity for children. If toddlers had any idea of the amazing negotiating position that they occupied. They could get thousands of dollars, a puppy, a pony, pretty much anything they want... All they have to do is promise they will poop in the potty.

We were getting close to desperate. We decided we just needed to set a weekend aside and go with the switch to underwear. But that's an intimidating thought. Dealing with pull-ups is one thing. But washing clothing covered in poop is just not appealing. You do it on occasion. You have to. But thinking about a staggering sequence of poop covered clothing is intimidating for any parent.

So as we were waiting to start this terrible process, it just happened. We had stopped everything. We were resigned to our fate. It just didn't matter. They did it on their own time. And in saying that I'm giving the same false sense of some sort of control. Your child may do it on their own time. Or they may not. You may be trying 15 different things and then one day it clicks. Was it the special stickers on the poo chart? Or was that just what you were trying when your child decided they had enough of mommy and daddy trying to negotiate? You'll never know. But I at least suspect, it wasn't one thing, it was everything and nothing. We may have helped emphasize the concept of using the potty, but in the end they find the time that works for them.

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